Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!
March 14th

The most wonderful day of the high school calculus student's year. Oh, Mr. Schmidt, I miss basketball analogies and bears who leave tracks in the snow. Lots of great memories in high school calculus -- I certainly don't miss the homework, but...

I can still celebrate Pi Day!

Here are some things you can to do enhance your Pi Day experience:

1. Eat a Pi pie. Like these here.

2. Make Pi Cookies. I made some for our youth group tonight (sharing the nerdiness!) My cookies are far from perfection, but I had so much fun working on them.
Please excuse the iPhone picture. I finished the rest of the cookies late last night.

Bridget at Bake at 350 makes tons of amazing cookies, but I especially loved her Pi Day cookies.

3. Get yourself to a Villiage Inn! They're having a "pie rush" today, get some free pie!

4. If you can't get to a VI for a slice of pie, make your own in a pi-plate.

5. Get out your pi t-shirt, pi mug, pi ice-cube tray, and read about pi here, here, and here.

6. Watch the movie Pi.

7. Sing a Pi Day Rap with your friends. Or this song.

8. Laugh at the number e. Pi may be irrational, but it still way more fun than e.

9. Calculate the circumference of everything.

10. Share your nerdiness with everyone around you.

How do you like to celebrate Pi Day?

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