Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a weekend!

First order of business this weekend: youth party!
Totally enamored with their Rubik's cube prizes after finishing their sweet treasure hunt! 
Having a pile of fun trying to work together.
How do we get over the rope?!
Saturday's fun didn't end there. We were able to help Nickki celebrate her birthday. Hooray!
Happy Birthday Cardigan for Nickki!
And a Happy Birthday dinner at Yia Yia's!
Angel Hair Pasta with some of the best grilled chicken I've had in a while. So good!
But surely I was cooking this weekend, right?
Sunday's treat was steak!
Grilled Pepper-Lime Steaks with Steamed Veggie Packets

Marinate your steak of choice for at least 30 minutes in the juice of 3-4 limes, salt, pepper, a sprinkle or so of ground red pepper & red pepper flakes. Make your steak as spicy as you like!
Cut up some of your favorite veggies for a steam packet. Bell peppers & onions are excellent steamed on the grill. Season with a bit of salt & pepper & a spray or two canola oil & wrap in foil. Don't forget to toss in the juiced limes for extra flavor. Toss them on the grill right with your steaks.
Grill your steaks to your preference -- here is a great simple article on grilling steak. Be sure to let your steaks rest for a few minutes to let those juices do their thing before you dive right in. Empty your packets onto your plate & enjoy with your steak!
And more knitting...a sweet friend is expecting a little girl! I can't pass up the opportunity to knit for a little one. Can't wait to see Natalie Nicole in her hat!
This week: basketball camp! Dinner posts will be spare, but its all for great fun!

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