Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Variations on a Pad Thai Theme

Ok, so I've posted about Pad Thai before. It sounded so delicious for dinner tonight & I had just the right ingredients for what I wanted. The fun thing about Pad Thai is that it is versatile & with a few basic ingredients, it is just about fool proof.

The recipe found here has become the basis for every Pad Thai recipe I make. If tofu isn't your thing, you can use chicken, shrimp, sliced beef, or just use more veggies. I don't always use the rice noodles, but often leftover thin spaghetti. Spring onions are going crazy in my garden right now, but I don't always remember to buy bean sprouts. Tonight I used thinly sliced yellow onion, bell pepper & carrots.
Don't be afraid to play & experiment with recipes -- often they operate more like guidelines rather than strict rules. Cooking should be fun! So enjoy yourself & some fast & delicious Pad Thai this week.

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